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Freelancer Conversations: Joan Obregon

Joan is a fashion-forward New York freelancer with a keen eye for style and some of the best customer service skills in the city! Today we're interviewing her about her experiencing living and working as full time freelancer in New York City.

What do you value about being a freelancer?

The freedom and flexibility to choose your work days, to choose the Brands/clients you want to work with. Most of all for me, the challenge of learning and exploring something new from a new brand. 

Why have you chosen to freelance over having a full time, 9-5?

I left my 9-5 full time to dedicate my work as an actor and dance student, my acting job required me to be on set several days in a row at times, and for me I needed a job with a flexible schedule that would allow me to work both. 

Do you believe that the future is freelance? Why?

Yes definitely I believe freelance is the future! 

I think in this day in age people want more options. People are learning and discovering that they can do/work multiple jobs, you can be passionate about two jobs! And I think that’s the beauty of being a freelancer.

What is the hardest part of being a freelancer? What's the best part?

I don’t want to say hard part but I’ll say the challenging part would be juggling between clients, if you’re working for one brand one week and another the next, it Will require you to be a quick learner and multitask. Another is no sick day pay, and you might have to pay taxes when you filed them each year. 

Other than that, Being a freelancer is definitely a positive experience, the pay is great, The schedule is great, you get to travel to a new area of the city working with different brands, you get to meet, Network with amazing managers and team members! also if a brand really loves your work they will offer you a permanent position which happens often! 

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