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Talent Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

How do I apply to become a POURED Member?

We’re so glad you’re interested in becoming a POURED member! Here are your steps: 1. Download the POURED App here. 2. Register as a freelancer 3. Complete your application this includes a profile photo, resume, about me video and profile details. 4. Send your resume to 4. If you are accepted we’ll send you login credentials and details for how to create an app profile. Start booking shifts with brands!

How soon will I know if I’ve been accepted?

You will know if you have been accepted to the POURED platform within 3 business days of submitting your video resume.

Your Profile

What should I do after I am accepted onto the POURED platform?

In order to get you connected with brands ASAP, your next step is to complete your app profile. Instructions for this can be found below. Additionally, your acceptance email will include full instructions for this. You will need to submit your headshot, submit your AboutMe video, upload a resume, and fill out this form. Once all of these materials have been submitted, you will be notified via email by the POURED team that your profile is now live, and you are ready to be booked for shifts!

What will my About Me video consist of?

In your video please refer to the following questions: Introduction: Hello, My Name is _______ 1. What is your greatest professional strength? 2. Why do you think you'll be an asset to the brands you work with? 3. What is your favorite thing about fashion, retail, or beauty? Required camera set-up: -Landscape/Horizontal shot -Centered -Well-lit location -Neutral background that is free of distractions -No selfies/no holding the camera We also require the following: -Professional Attire -Polished Appearance -Smile/pleasant greeting -1 Minute maximum for About Me Video


What should I do if I’m running late to a shift?

Immediately notify the store manager. Contact information will be included in your shift details in the app. If you will be more than a few minutes late, notify the POURED team as well so we may look into finding you a replacement. Remember, if you are late to a shift more than 3 times, your position on the POURED platform will be reviewed and possibly terminated.

What if I have to cancel a shift?

Please do not accept a shift unless you are absolutely certain you can work. If for some reason you need to cancel a shift that you have already accepted and confirmed, we request that you do so at least 24 hours prior to the shift so that we can find you a replacement. If you do have to cancel, please contact the brand and the POURED team to let everyone know. You can then cancel your shift in the app. Please be aware that if you cancel a shift within less than 24 hours more than 3 times, your placement on the POURED platform will be reviewed and possibly terminated.

Will I be reimbursed for my cost to park during shifts?

POURED does not provide reimbursement for parking costs incurred during a shift. Some brands may choose to validate parking but they are by no means obligated. All of the store locations have free or very cheap street parking options in the area that you may utilize. Avoid parking in the store parking garages as this will be quite expensive if the brand does not validate parking.

What should I do when I arrive at a shift?

When you arrive for a shift, after you’ve clocked in, immediately approach the store manager. Ask the question, “What can I do to be the most helpful today?” This is a great way to meet the manager, break the ice and start your shift on the right foot! You can’t go wrong with that question!

What will I be doing during my shifts?

Depending on the position, brand and store location, your shift duties could include a variety of tasks and may vary shift to shift.

What brands will I be working for?

POURED partners with a variety of luxury, contemprary fashion and beauty brands at many different store locations. With POURED, you may have the opportunity to work with brands like Theory, Maxfield, Alice & Olivia, Celine, Aquazzura, Zadig & Voltaire, Gucci and more!

Where in the world can I work for POURED?

We work in Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York, but are expanding to more cities all the time!

How often will I work?

That is up to you! POURED is built for flexibility. Whether you want to to work 10 hours a week or 40 hours a week, is up to you. Additionally, if you want to work 10 hours next week and then 40 the next week, that is okay too!


How often will I be paid?

Freelancers are paid every other Friday through Direct Deposit (you will set this up as soon as you book your first shift.) The schedule is typically the 1st/3rd Friday of the month (although this can sometimes shift slightly in a 5 week month).

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

When you book your first shift, we will send you an email from Nitro Sign, this email includes a form to set up all your direct deposit, banking and tax details.

Does POURED withhold taxes

Yes. As a POURED employee you are a W2 employee and taxes are withheld from each paycheck. When you begin with POURED, you'll fill out a W4 form and at the end of the year, we'll send you a W2 form.

Is Poured insured?

Yes! We carry business insurance, a CGL policy coverage is placed through Admiral and backed by Admiral Insurance Company. The Occupational Accident portion of the policy will cover the Independent Contractors engaged on Poured assignments.

Are freelancers on the Poured platform insured?

Yes. All freelancers are insured. $0.40 cents is withheld from your hourly pay to cover your insurance. All workers are provided coverage under an occupational accident insurance policy. Although workers are free to obtain coverage on their own, the program we offer is provided through our broker, Build Bunker Insurance Services. – and backed by Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company.

What is occupational accident insurance?

OAI is insurance coverage that is designed specifically for Independent Contractors. It’s been used for decades to cover truckers and couriers, who are some of the first owner/operator independent contractors in the US. It’s also been used to cover independent contractors and freelancers in the movie and entertainment industry. In certain cases those clients required that independent contractors carry that type of policy. Coverage is provided for work related accidents, loss of wages, death, and medical expenses.

Will I have to pay for insurance through POURED?

Technically no, .40 cents will be taken from your paycheck for each hour you worked. If you are not actively booking shifts, you will not be paying anything. Think of the .40 cents for each hour as an investment to be put towards the very rare chance that something should go wrong. But the way we see it, better to be safe!

App Function

How do I change my password?

Please do NOT create another account to try and change your password. This will delete your previous account. If you forgot your password, please email the POURED team, and we will reset it for you.

How do I login?

After you are accepted, we will give you a customized login and password, at which point you will be able to log in through the app.

How do I get the POURED App?

Search POURED Retail On Demand in the app store. *Please note: the POURED app is currently only available for IOS users. Android app is coming soon!

How do I clock-in/out?

1. Select “Bookings” from the bottom menu. You will now be able to see your current shift, brand, rate and location. In order to clock-in, you will need to click the banner that says “Clock in/ Clock out” on the store image. 2. When you arrive at your shift/are physically in the store, click to “clock-in” at the beginning of your shift. Once you do, you will see the time begin counting down to the end of your shift. You are not able to clock in more than 5 minutes early for your shift. 3. Once your shift has ended and the time is down to 0:00, you will be prompted to clock out. Click “clock-out.” 4. Record breaks (at the end of the shift when you clock out, you’ll be prompted to record if you took a 30 minute, 60 minute or no break. Please answer honestly.

How do I set my availability in the app?

Click the “More” tab on the bottom right of your screen in the app. Then click “Unavailability.” Please mark the days of the week in black that you will NOT be able to work. All days left unmarked (in white) will be considered days that you are available. You do not need to update this every week. Please only update if there is a change in your schedule.

What if I don’t have an iPhone or iPad?

As of now, the POURED app is only available to IOS users. An Android app will hopefully be available soon!

Brand Frequently Asked Questions

App Features

The POURED App is crashing. What should I do?

If the app crashes, please try to hard-close out of the application & open it again. If the problem persists, please email and provide details.

How do I approve a shift in the app?

See video on how to Approve Shifts below. To approve a shift, go to “Shift Approvals”, which can be found in the menu bar (top left of the screen). Once in Shift Approvals, you will see a red check mark for all the shifts you need to approve. Once you have approved them, they will turn green. If you see that the times are incorrect, please click on the question mark to edit the shift times.

How can I contact the talent to ask questions?

You can contact and chat with our talent by clicking on their profile and pressing the “message” button. From there, you can access all of your conversations through the “Chat” tab. The talent will receive a notification when you send them a message, and will respond as soon as they can!

How do I know if the talent has accepted my shift request?

Click on the “Bookings” section, this will display 3 tabs, “Denied”, “Pending”, and “Confirmed.” Pending shifts mean that either the talent needs to take action, or, in the case of community bookings, you need to take action and select your choice.

How can I book the same talent for every shift?

You can book talent individually from your Roster, instead of sending out to the whole Roster. This is best for when you want to send a shift to a specific person. In order to do this, go to your roster, click the checkmark on their profile picture, and then select confirm. From there you will enter in the details of the shift and submit the shift. The talent will have the opportunity to accept or decline your shift. For a video on how to send an individual booking to someone in your roster, see below.

What is the Roster used for?

For a video on how to build a roster, see below. Think of the Roster as your starting line up! Your Roster will contain your favorite talent to work with, making them easily accessible to send shifts and contact when needed. You can add and remove talent from your roster through clicking the heart on their profile picture. This will kick off a Roster Request notification to the talent in which they can accept or decline your roster invitation.

How do I book talent for a shift?

To watch a video on how to book talent, see below. While using the POURED app, you have three options for booking talent: Community booking, Roster Booking and Individual Booking. The best way is to create a roster of talent and send bookings to your roster. The fastest way is to send a community booking, this option let’s the community opt in to the shift & you get to choose which one you would like. Community Booking - Phase 1- Create Booking: Under the “Create” tab, start by selecting “community”. Next, select all the dates that you are needing talent to work. Then enter the shift times for each day, the position that you are wanting to fill, and how many positions are open for that shift. Next, please add any shift details that the talent should know to be prepared for their shift and submit the community booking. Phase 2 - Select your candidate. In Phase 1, you successfully entered your shift dates and details to the POURED talent community in your area. Each talent will get a notification about the shifts and they will express interest in the shift. Please allow a few moments for talent to express interest. To see the status of the shift, click on the “Bookings tab”, then click on the Community Booking under “Pending”. Here, you will see all the talent who are available and interested in the shifts you created. They will be officially scheduled once you have clicked on the green “Accept”. **If you do not click on “Accept”, then you have not scheduled any talent for your shift. Roster Booking - In order to send a roster booking, you first must create a roster. This can be done by selecting the heart button on the explore page. Once you have created a roster, go to the “Create” tab, and select “Roster”. Then, enter the shift times for each day, the position that you are wanting to fill, and how many positions are open for that shift and submit the shift. Once you have submitted, the positions will be filled by your roster on a first come, first serve basis. Individual Booking - You can also book talent individually from your Roster, instead of sending out to the whole Roster. This is best for when you want to send a shift to a specific person. In order to do this, simply go to your roster, click the checkmark on their profile picture, and then select confirm. From there, you will enter in the details of the shift and submit the shift.


Is there a fee for having the app on my phone?

There are no hidden fees or subscription charges for having a profile on the app. You will only be charged for the hours our talent is in your store, working to fulfill your business needs.

When does POURED charge brands?

There are no hidden fees or subscription charges for having a profile on the app. You will only be charged for the hours you book POURED talent. Invoices are sent once a week, every Monday, and are to be paid on Net 10 terms.

Frequently Asked

Do I have to enter in my billing information in order to book?

Yes, before you can book someone in the app, we will need your billing information. We accept credit cards and ACH payment. Be sure to add a credit card in the app, or if you did not set up ACH when you created your profile, reach out to to request the billing form.

Is there a way to try out the POURED app?

The app is free to use, you are only charged for the shifts you book. So, you can set up a profile, browse candidates, and get a feel for how the app works without paying anything.

How does a brand sign up?

We’re so glad you’re interested in booking POURED Talent! Here are your first steps: 1. Download the POURED App. 2. Be sure to sign up as a brand and provide all the information required. 3. Once you have completed the sign up process, one of our team members will review and approve your profile. 4. Once approved, we’ll send you login credentials and the resources needed to book talent quickly and efficiently. 5. Start booking shifts!


If a freelancer calls out of their shift, how can I find a replacement?

If POURED talent calls out for their shift, the best way to refill this shift is by sending out a community booking, or if you have another talent you would like to book that is in your roster you can book from roster. A community booking (“How to” video below, minute 1:25) is a great way to quickly find a replacement. If you are experiencing trouble in finding a replacement, please contact your POURED brand manager for assistance with next steps.

If talent does not show up to my shift request what should I do?

First, be sure the talent accepted the shift request. You can check this by clicking on the “Bookings” tab in the app. Check to see whether they Confirmed the shift request, Denied the request, or if it is still Pending.

If the shift was confirmed and the talent did not show up to their shift please FIRST, send out a community booking (“How to” video below, minute 1:25) for the same day. You will need to adjust the time to give other talent time to respond. After sending out a community booking, please contact your POURED brand manager.

Can I interview talent prior to requesting them to work for me?

Yes. The best way to contact talent and set up an interview is by sending them a message through the app.

How are POURED Talent classified?

POURED talent are W2 employees and they will receive a W2 issued by POURED each year.

Do POURED talent undergo a background check?

POURED does not conduct background checks on our talent. Background checks are to the discretion of the brand and, if conducted, will be paid for by the brand.

I really like working with this talent and want to officially hire them. What steps do I need to take?

We are so happy to hear that you love our talent as much as we do! Although we are sad to see them leave our platform, we are excited for the opportunity they will have to expand your business! Here are the next steps: 1. Please contact and communicate your interest in converting our talent. 2. After a member of our team has discussed the conversion process with you, they will reach out to the talent to confirm the mutual interest in being converted. 3. A contract will then be sent to be signed by the hiring brand and the POURED Director of Business. 4. A conversion date will be discussed as to when the POURED talent becomes an official employee of the brand. On this date, per the contract, a one time conversion fee of $3500 will be paid to POURED by the hiring brand.


How do I access talent?

1. Download the POURED App here. 2. Be sure to sign up as a brand and provide all the information required. 3. Once you have completed the sign up process, one of our team members will review your profile and approve your sign up. 4. Once approved, we’ll send you login credentials and the resources needed to use our app like a pro! 5. Start booking shifts!

Can there be multiple users under one profile?

Yes! Each store will have one profile with the same login and password which can be shared among store managers. This profile is set up by a POURED member and then can be shared with other users at the store managers discretion. The one profile allows multiple managers to have visibility on the actions of the profile, communication with talent, and a calendar of booked talent.

Can I add additional stores to my POURED app profile?

If you manage multiple stores you will have the option to add multiple locations under your brand profile. You can add stores located in New York, LA, and Orange County to your profile. In order to do so, please email & provide the address of the new store you would like to add.

I am locked out of the app, how can I get back in?

If you have been locked out of the app or have forgotten your password, please email for a password reset. We will be sure to make this a top priority!

Can I hire candidates from the POURED app?

Absolutely. Many of the freelancers on the app are interested in being hired full time by a brand. We call this a conversion. A conversion allows a brand to hire POURED talent as one of their employees. After the conversion is complete, the individual is removed from the POURED platform and unable to be booked by other brands. The cost to convert a freelancer to your permanent employee is a one-time $3500 fee. A signed contract is required in order to complete the conversion process. Please contact with any questions, or if you are interested in completing a conversion.