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Industry Expert: Daniela Hernandez, Manager at Zadig & Voltaire

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a Store Manager is inheriting a business with a very loyal base whilst onboarding a whole new team. The expectation in client contribution was 40%, and my Store Director's expectation was that I reach 30% in 2 months. In 60 days, my new team accomplished just that; through high engagement with the community and a focus on personal styling/touch; you can never underestimate the power of new energy and fresh eyes!

What is one piece of advice you’d offer to a brand new manager?

I would advise a new manager to focus on one thing, protecting your employee and clients' experience. When you lead with empathy and create a culture of caring; real magic starts to happen. Also, develop your team to embrace data, and teach them behaviors that drive KPIS by upholding a strong presence on the sales floor.

What has been your experience using the POURED app in your current role?

I have had an optimal experience using Poured! It has provided me with peace of mind, in offering me more time to find the right talent, and provided exceptional leaders to support. I found myself understaffed by 25%, during the process of preparing and conducting inventory. Natalie from Poured helped us out a few weekends, not only was she a force on the sales floor, but to my surprise and operational star who was instrumental in having a smooth inventory.

Would you recommend the POURED app to peers in your industry?

Absolutely, everyone I have met is knowledgeable and positive. I love that they stay connected with their community, ask feedback and continue to evolve and grow.

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