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Retail is Changing: 3 Ways to Adapt

There is no denying that retail is changing. Covid-19 ushered in a new set of factors for brands and businesses to consider and adapt to. Although retail as we knew it may never be the same, there is still much to look forward to. The brands and businesses that come out of 2020 stronger than ever before will be those that pivot, and do it quickly. Here are 3 things to consider in a new era of retail:

1. Consider utilizing temp talent.

The future of retail may not be entirely known, but retail is not going anywhere. There will continue to be a demand for luxury shopping experiences but flexibility, particularly in regard to staffing, will be key. Instead of signing a lengthy contract with your staff, consider utilizing freelance talent. According to a recent study by Upwork, “47% of hiring managers are more likely to hire independent professionals since the COVID-19 crisis than they were in the past.” Now more than ever, hiring managers should be seeking top talent that will drive sales and business while also maintaining flexibility. POURED Staffing Solutions provides an on-demand workforce of retail professionals available to be booked day by day or for long term projects or pop-ups.

2. Pop-Ups shops are the future

Renting a long term retail space can be extremely expensive, not to mention unpredictable. Companies like AppearHere offer innovative pop-up solutions for brands looking to rent flexible retail and pop-up spaces, available to book by the day, week or month. Pop-up shops are not only a hip and fun way to showcase product, they also offer much less risk to the brand and are easily adaptable in a changing market.

3. Exceptional store experience is more important than ever.

Because store experiences will not be as common as they once were, having a great experience while in the store will be more important than ever. The store experience starts with the staff. Hiring managers should carefully select the candidates that they bring into their store. In many instances, retail associates are the face of the brand and the very first impression a customer has. Selecting a poised, professional candidate to represent your brand is vital to the customer experience. POURED candidate’s profiles include a headshot, traditional resume and a video resume so that the hiring manager can make an informed decision before meeting a potential candidate.

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