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Freelancer Conversations: Megdi Tedla

How long have you been a freelancer for? 

When I embarked upon my first career after college, I found myself in the 9-5 realm which wasn’t horrible per se – however, after a few years I realized I wasn’t 100 percent fulfilled…so I found my outlet was working in cosmetics as a makeup artist. I began to freelance in the beauty industry back in 2012 and have been doing so ever since!

What do you value about being a freelancer? 

I extremely value the control I have as a freelancer.  In Fall 2017 I relocated to Los Angeles, CA from the Washington D.C area in order to pursue my passion for Makeup Artistry. I must admit, starting my makeup business from scratch in a new city was taxing – emotionally and financially! Luckily, being able to freelance as I developed my business had lifted a huge burden. I was able to experience the flexibility and balance I desired…which is crucial for any one with entrepreneurial goals.

What is the best resource you've found as a freelancer? 

One of the best resources I’ve found as a freelancer has been apps/companies that hire you as an independent contractor. They connect you with temporary gigs that you are not required to take. I personally work for several beauty apps and have the luxury of only accepting jobs I think are the right fit!

It’s also important to find support from your fellow freelancers. You can find refuge; gain peace of mind and receive helpful advice from other freelancers via social media or any other online support network.

Is there a tip or piece of advice you'd give to a brand new freelancer? 

Working as a freelancer has so many pros…but it can be a difficult transition in the beginning. You have now become your own boss; in charge of all the terms/conditions, so it’s imperative that you get organized! Start by creating a daily routine based on your lifestyle, because structure is key. For example, I’m a night owl so I prefer to do a majority of my work in the evening. This allows me to spend mornings to focus on my mindset by meditating, journaling, exercising etc. Balance is the key to success (especially in the freelance world)!

How has working as a freelancer with POURED benefited you? 

When I first discovered this platform I wasn’t really sure what to expect LOL, but I’m so happy I decided to join! I was pleasantly surprised at all the amazing positions offered and how flexible the schedules were. Not only have I worked with awesome brands, but also been presented with many networking opportunities.

The connections you can make with people are endless! It’s truly the perfect solution for freelancers to make extra money while still engaging with others.

I also love that POURED has a referral program and give rewards when achieving top performance ratings -  this helps create the potential for growth! When POURED noticed my high ratings I was offered managerial roles with brands that allowed me to personally advance in so many ways!

What is your favorite brand you've worked with through POURED?

Ghost Democracy was HANDS DOWN my favorite brand! I loved all the individuals at GD because they really supported their staff. They were very sweet and provided us with so many perks! I have never felt so valued working for a brand, and that’s really the best feeling ever!

It was also my first POURED gig as a manager and I believe that promotion really helped me shine and pushed me to showcase my highest potential J

Lastly, Ghost Democracy’s skincare line is absolutely fabulous!

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